From the heart of the happy customers

  • We have been working with the IOM Employment Team for 9 months now. The launch, the follow-up and the training has been incredible, and what they have planned this month and next, that might be even more fun! It’s just great working with a company that is solely focused on the Employment Ontario sector, not to mention that we have only scratched the service on the amount of time and money IOM Employment will be saving us in the long run.
  • We started out slowly with IOM Employment almost 3 years ago. It’s hard to switch staff over to new ways of doing things, however the team at IOM Employment has been open to training us as we need it, and they have been very open to taking input on improvements we would like see in the software. We are excited to see the new changes to the software coming this fall. The IOM team are focused on helping us to reduce our workload and making our lives easier so we can put more focus on doing what we love, helping people.
    - Project Director Employment Services. Labour Education Center.
  • The program is truly more than just a wonderful software. It made our daily paperwork routine easier, faster and information is up, front and center and available at any time with a click. We don't need to open 3 or more different log sheets and word documents, or employer files for that matter to see in a minute what has been done with the client and what needs to be done. We simply love it.
    - Job Developer, Employment Services. New Candians' Center of Excellence Inc.
  • We could not be happier at our progress and could not have asked for a better transition process and integrated system. I would highly recommend IOM-Employment by GeoViz Inc. to anyone who wants to develop a technology solution that speaks for itself in managing the flow of information and in increasing efficiency and productivity



All Employment & Related Services Under A Single Application

If you plan to establish a unified program for all the employment services, IOM-Employment is the best choice. It is built with tremendous integration and customization capabilities.

Purpose Built For Employment Agencies - Proudly Canadian


Introducing IOM-Employment on Cloud

The solution capable of managing multiple locations, hundreds of system users, and tens of thousands of clients and employers

  •  Services Insights

    Services Insights

    View or print full trail of activities across organization around clients or employers. Audit support.

  • CaMS & Salesforce Integrated

    CaMS & Salesforce Integrated

    All CaMS data is integrated with IOM-Employment and is kept up to date. Contacts are synchronized with Salesforce

  • Assessments & Incentives

    Assessments & Incentives

    All the decision factors and electronic signatures are kept inside the system in one place.

  • Powerful Reports

    Powerful Reports

    Out of box powerful reports based on CaMS data to help improving the SQS report numbers.

  • Automated workflows

    Automated workflows

    Simplify the tedious manual processes and get rid of most paper based forms.

  • Job search resume matching

    Job search resume matching

    Built-in jobs search, resume matching, employers relationship management, and jobs portal modules.

  • Strategic Management

    Strategic Management

    Helps senior management to compare the skills in demand to clients' skills to introduce new training programs.

  • Teams Collaboration

    Teams Collaboration

    Teams collaborate sharing tasks and schedules to delivering better services to client and employers

  • Events Management

    Events Management

    Define plan and execute workshops training or interviews. Register clients or employers. Collect feedbacks