All Employment & Related Services Under A Single Application

If you plan to establish a unified program for all the employment services, IOM-Employment is the best choice. It is built with tremendous integration and customization capabilities.

Introducing IOM-Employment Cloud Version

The solution capable of managing multiple locations, hundreds of system users, and tens of thousands of clients and employers

  •  Services Insights

    Services Insights

    View or print full trail of activities across organization around clients or employers. Audit support.

  • CaMS & Salesforce Integrated

    CaMS & Salesforce Integrated

    All CaMS data is integrated with IOM-Employment and is kept up to date. Contacts are synchronized with Salesforce

  • Assessments & Incentives

    Assessments & Incentives

    All the decision factors and electronic signatures are kept inside the system in one place.

  • Powerful Reports

    Powerful Reports

    Out of box powerful reports based on CaMS data to help improving the SQS report numbers.

  • Automated workflows

    Automated workflows

    Simplify the tedious manual processes and get rid of most paper based forms.

  • Job search resume matching

    Job search resume matching

    Built-in jobs search, resume matching, employers relationship management, and jobs portal modules.

  • Strategic Management

    Strategic Management

    Helps senior management to compare the skills in demand to clients' skills to introduce new training programs.

  • Teams Collaboration

    Teams Collaboration

    Teams collaborate sharing tasks and schedules to delivering better services to client and employers

  • Events Management

    Events Management

    Define plan and execute workshops training or interviews. Register clients or employers. Collect feedbacks

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From The Heart Of Happy Customers

We could not be happier at our progress and could not have asked for a better transition process and integrated system. I would highly recommend IOM-Employment by GeoViz Inc. to anyone who wants to develop a technology solution that speaks for itself in managing the flow of information and in increasing efficiency and productivity
Ms. Silma H. Roddau
- President, PCPI - Progress Career Planning Institute (

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