IOM-Employment Cloud - Canadian Version - The Big Picture


Introducing IOM-Employment Cloud Version

The solution capable of managing multiple locations, hundreds of system users, and tens of thousands of clients and employers

  •  Services Insights

    Services Insights

    View or print full trail of activities across organization around clients or employers. Audit support.

  • CaMS & Salesforce Integrated

    CaMS & Salesforce Integrated

    All CaMS data is integrated with IOM-Employment and is kept up to date. Contacts are synchronized with Salesforce

  • Assessments & Incentives

    Assessments & Incentives

    All the decision factors and electronic signatures are kept inside the system in one place.

  • Powerful Reports

    Powerful Reports

    Out of box powerful reports based on CaMS data to help improving the SQS report numbers.

  • Automated workflows

    Automated workflows

    Simplify the tedious manual processes and get rid of most paper based forms.

  • Job search resume matching

    Job search resume matching

    Built-in jobs search, resume matching, employers relationship management, and jobs portal modules.

  • Strategic Management

    Strategic Management

    Helps senior management to compare the skills in demand to clients' skills to introduce new training programs.

  • Teams Collaboration

    Teams Collaboration

    Teams collaborate sharing tasks and schedules to delivering better services to client and employers

  • Events Management

    Events Management

    Define plan and execute workshops training or interviews. Register clients or employers. Collect feedbacks


We could not be happier at our progress and could not have asked for a better transition process and integrated system. I would highly recommend IOM-Employment by GeoViz Inc. to anyone who wants to develop a technology solution that speaks for itself in managing the flow of information and in increasing efficiency and productivity
Ms. Silma H. Roddau
- President, PCPI - Progress Career Planning Institute (


Single Site

per user per month
Minimum 5 user licenses


  • Unassisted client registrations
  • Assisted clients from CaMS
  • Clients assessments records
  • Employees schedule/calendar
  • Employers registrations
  • Jobs definitions
  • New programs / workshops / events definitions
  • Documents repository
  • MISC
  • Clients services tracking
  • Employees collaboration
  • Resume search
  • Job matching
  • Incentives & support decisions
  • Management reports
  • Up to 15 system users
  • Up to 5 hours of Training Included
  • One-time site configs CAD 665
  • CaMS data import CAD 0.75 per Client
  • Custom Data import CAD 2 per Data Record

Multiple Sites

per user per month
Minimum 10 user licenses


  • Clients tracking across sites
  • Employee transfer across sites
  • Super users - multi-site access
  • Normal users - uni-site access
  • Multi-site management reports
  • Multi-site events registration
  • Multi-site unified database

  • Up to 25 system users
  • Up to 7 hours of Training Included
  • One-time site configs CAD 665/Site
  • CaMS data import CAD 0.75 per Client
  • Custom Data import CAD 2 per Data Record

Bulk Licenses

Single or multiple sites

CADCall Us

  • If you need more than:
  • 15 licenses for single site. or
  • 25 licenses for multiple sites

  • Please call
  • 1-888-831-5553 or
  • Submit inquiry form below for quote

Available Optional Addons



Online jobs portal

  • Automated re-publishing of jobs from web sources
  • Online clients registration
  • Online employers registration
  • Jobs Postings, applications
(CAD 265 per site per month)

Salesforce/CRM integration

  • Bi directional synchronization of the contacts between IOM-Employment & Salesforce
(CAD 99.95 per site per month)

Product customization

  • Hire a software developer for your software customization needs on monthly or hourly basis
  • Develop any custom reports
  • Add custom fields
  • Add custom modules to the application
(Remote Developer CAD 3250/month
On-site Developer CAD 5250/month
Limited development less than a week CAD 59.95/hour
Business Analyst & Software Architect CAD 99.95/hr)


Examples of Other Employment Services Integration

IOM-Employment comprehensively covers all the Employment Ontarios related services workflows. It is a well known fact that Employment Ontario is the most comprehensively defined funding program. IOM_Employment is very close to take care of other programs. If you plan to establish a unified program for all the employment services, IOM-Employment is the best choice. It is built with tremendous integration and customization capabilities.

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